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"Black people time" is a measurement of time used to describe the difference of black peoples' perception of time with respect to everyone else's perception of time.
"It is 12:15...didn't Tyrone say he was going to meet us here for lunch at this time?"
"Yeah, but he is on black people time (bpt), so it will be another 45 minutes to 2 hours..."
"What a dick!"
by Frikghorgan December 03, 2008
How idiots spell "noob". Said idiots either can't spell or forget that a "nub" is what is left after an amputation. This error can be attributed to the fact that most people under the age of 20 seem to be incapable of spelling the simplest of words correctly - probably due to overuse of auto-correct/spell-check doing it for them.
Person 1 - "l2p u dum nub"
Person 2 (educated) - "Learn to spell, asshole."
by frikghorgan May 12, 2014

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