1 definition by Friendswood Resident

A very white conservative town located just west of 1-45 south between Houston and Galveston. It is known for its notorious police who pull you over over no reason since it's a small boring-ass town founded by the Quakers in the 1800's. Friendswood High School kids are known for being show-offs about their fancy cars that mommy and daddy paid for, as well too busy working their butts off while their allegedly good kids blow the money on drugs, alcohol since they claim "there isn't anything else to do". Some of these teens reflect racism on any non-white person who moves into town. As many ignorant southern white conservative folks, they assume every person who speaks Spanish is considered "Mexican", just to give a general idea of the level of ignorance.
"Hi my name is Jose. I just moved to Friendswood"
"Oh, what part of Mexico are you from"?
by Friendswood Resident August 16, 2011

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