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A girl with a ridiculously friendly attitude, contagious laugh, and yet incredibly smart. Has a propensity for giggling. A lot.
OMG its SATYA! hehehehe
by friendsss February 07, 2009
A friend who continually uses stories, forged tragic life events, and consequences from their own stupidity to invoke compassion and empathy for them until you are so sick of listening to their heart-wrenching drama that you lose all compassion for their general situation.
"I am SO depressed. I was rejected from med school again, I was born to be surgeon! Just because I scored really low on that stupid entrance exam doesn't mean I can't be a DOCTOR. So I'm applying for medical school for the 5th time next year."-Shawnda

"Wow...I feel so bad for you"-Nice person 1

"Nah, don't, she's a compassion sucker."-Former nice person 1
by Friendsss June 14, 2009
Pronounced : hawt dumb-mall-ee

A very physically attractive young man or woman whose lack of intelligence vastly overwhelms their general appeal to the opposite or same sex.
"That guy is so HOTT" -Nick
"Oh no man, he's as dumb as bricks" -Katie
"Oh, a Hot Damale"
by Friendsss June 14, 2009

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