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A term used when there is an unfortunate event or happening leading to undesired results.
Example 1: Statement- "You turned my Coke into Pepsi" Reply- "Not the that".

Example 2: When you find out the woman you've been dating is really a man... NOT THE THAT!

Example 3: Woman- "Honey I'm pregnant again" Man- "Not the that!"
by Friends of Ridicule June 27, 2011
When a person not only pushes one to do something, but supports it in every way. Even if it means helping them get the drugs. A reverse "friend".
Tony: Hey man, you should do some drugs.

Donny: No man.

Tony: I'll go get it for you. Come on, please man--you know you want to--It's just drugs.

Donny: No. I don't want to do drugs.

Tony: Here, I'm calling him right now.

Donny: No.

Tony: What if two hot chicks with big boobs came in and had two line cut out across their tits and said do these lines off our large breasteses, would you do it then?

Donny: Maybe... yeah, probably.

Tony: So you're saying there's a chance?

Donny: Yeah.

Tony: Okay I'm calling him, where doings some drugs.

Andy: Donny, do some fucking drugs!

Donny: Okay.

... Instigating enabler(s)
by Friends of Ridicule July 30, 2011

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