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2 definitions by Friendofagirl

An awesome friend. She is a ginger who steals your soul with those books she writes. All of her friends love her even if we have all planned to kill each other and be in the same coffin sewn together. She will make it rain with a two of hearts card. And loves her some chaines burgers. Prone to act like she hates you but really if you're nice to her she'll love you forever.
Guy 1: dude, you see that ginger over there?
Guy 2: yah bro, she seems cool, but she also kinda scares me a little bit.
Guy 1: yah that's my friend Gracie, she's completely awesome
by Friendofagirl December 30, 2012
Awesome girl. She is hilarious and obsessed with Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and dancing. She is an amazing dancer and also an amazing friend. The only bad thing is one of our friends is going to kill us all and sew us together to R.I.P. in the same coffin. We are really good friends, best friends. No we aren't the closest but I still love her to death, luckily for her though I'm not the one planning to kill her, that's our other friend. W are swiffeys together even though I technically am not. She's helped me through a lot even if she doesn't know it.
Guy: dang! You see that awesome dancer over there?!
Girl: yah that's my friend Melissa. She's totally obsessed with Justin Bieber and she's completely awesome.
by Friendofagirl December 30, 2012