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(n.) Probably the best show on the CBC. As an American living near the Canadian border in Michigan, I love to watch the Red Green Show.

Sketch comedy and a very small plot. Every episode includes random sketches, Red's thoughts on being Middle-aged, and the antics of the members of Possum Lodge. Every episode also has a small plotline that is set on the main floor of the lodge. Red and Harold (his geeky nephew) and the other members get into trouble or other shenanigans. Before the show ends, the plot is somehow sorted out.

Red Green is also infamous for his use of Duct Tape on almost everything. On a sketch called "The Handyman Corner" Red rigs a device to do a very simple job using only duct tape and very old/outdated or useless items. (Most involve an old car)

The man's prayer: "I'm a man. I can change. If I have to. I guess."
Joe: "Man, did you watch Red Green?"
Martin: "Yeah, now I know another use for duct tape."

Red Green: Today on the Handyman Corner, we are going to turn this busted down car into a washing machine.
by Friendly American April 22, 2006

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