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Texas Ranger who likes to pimp his home gym thingy. Throw him into any sentence involving celebrities and the sentence is instantly funny.
The best actors in the world are Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and Chuck Norris.
by Friend with benefits May 09, 2005
kind of like ADD, but mixed with ADHD. Those with Cassie Syndrome tend to be hyper 24/7, eat a lot but not get fat, have wandering minds, and like to eat subway.
I now have ADD and Cassie Syndrome
by Friend with benefits April 21, 2005
1. Being in a state of goofyness where you laugh at your own laugh and anything and everything makes you laugh. Shows up frequently at work.

2. A time where Cassie Syndrome is at its worse.

3.A symptom of Cassie Syndrome.
I was walking around work tonight in circles, not doing anything in particular and someone called me Castarded and I laughed my ass off and got out of work 20 minutes late bacause I was laughing so hard.
by Friend with benefits May 09, 2005
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