1 definition by Friend of the Vito's

Abbreviation for ' Homosexual Online Gamer '

First used by Marv Vito on the 3/6/2010

Can be used in the banter that takes place during Online gaming (mainly MW2).

Can morph into the word - ' Hogsy '
In the lobby of MW2 -

Cyber athlete - I'll kill you

Me - Shut up cunt

Cyber athlete - I'd beat you in a fight, I'm a personal trainer

Me - Oh great, we have another HOG

Friends in the lobby * Laughter follows, by hard heckling * - HOGSYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, you fucking HOG, shutup HOG, etc etc

Cyber Athlete gets heckled into submission.
by Friend of the Vito's June 05, 2010

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