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A really drunk irish man who fights for no reason at all. Usually found in the back woods of phildelphia. They are also extremely stupid and big lightweights so you will know you have found one if after one beer you begin seeing the signs such as random yelling boxing stances prank calling morbid hatred of one Katie Ross and mad beer goggles.So if you see a random person punching a street pole, running around screaming then you have spotted one.
Asking really awkward questions: why do you always have a camel toe? Why do you always wear the same outfit? Why are you so ugly? When are you going to clean your grundle? WHy do you smell like straight ass? When are you going to take off the fat suit?
Or sometimes the occasional song: jareel likes to beat beat beat meat in the morning. he likes to get get get naked all night.
The most noticable characteristic is prank calling to those that madd dogg doesnt know or hates (one k/t and Jizz)
by Friend of Madd Dogg May 30, 2007

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