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2 definitions by Friend Bin

Someone who puts his country to shame
Three neurosurgeons, a german, a british and an american, are bragging about their achievements. The german: I removed half of a patients brain and he was able to go look for a job in 3 months! The brit: The last patient I lobotomized was able to join the army in less than six weeks. The american: I have a patient from Texas, Dubya, with no brain at all, and since he's in the whitehouse, one half of the nation is looking for a job and the other half is in the army!
by Friend Bin December 13, 2004
Dick Cheney, for sure. First, he's a retard (and a criminal), and second, he's known for using the word F*ck publicly (in the US senate).
Did you hear that fucktard Dick Cheney say 'Go fuck yourself' in the US senate?
by Friend Bin December 13, 2004