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To come to understand (a person).

To manage to work (something) out, to determine (something).

Etymology: From suspect. (Copied from wiktionary)
Can you suss out Jim? Does he drink or not?

We've sussed out how to open the lock.
by Fried Hog October 31, 2013
An absurdly incompetent or un-informed proposal.
The answers on a spelling test are likely to include a couple of real doozies.
by Fried Hog February 25, 2008
To destroy or obliterate, as in a lopsided victory.
The Spartans scobbed the Titans, 42-3.
by Fried Hog February 07, 2015
freaked out, scared, unnerved by abnormal events of unknown origin.

Manipulated by psychological means into questioning ones own sanity (Oxford).
"There had been a few days of being gaslit by the squirrels—hearing tiny claws skittering across the wood floors," wrote Anna Schmitz.
by Fried Hog February 11, 2015
pissed me off
The aspect of the program that cooked my goose was mandatory liability for equipment that I neither wanted nor needed.
by Fried Hog December 07, 2013
To put on or buy the apparel or accouterments of a jitter.
I'm gettin' jittered at Circle Centre Mall.
by Fried Hog January 21, 2009
another word for bratwurst or brat, a
big juicy wienee with pizazz.
"...and a Cocktail
dare I forget....
better than a cottontail
ohhhhh... and I'll take a hot mett."
(from TankGirl's easter poem in the Wheres George forums)
by Fried Hog April 10, 2009
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