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An chronic disorder, usually the result of having a vagina. Symptoms include a heightened sense of drama- especially when none exists, bitchiness, poor sense of direction, failure to understand simple instructions like "make me a sandwich, now!", and neediness. People with the disorder tend to cry, and make stories up.

Deep penetration can sometimes alleviate the symptoms for a while, but tend to result in addiction, and "emotional dependance".

Can happen to especially whiney guys.
Girl- So I was talking to my friend the other day, and you have to understand, I was on my rag at the time and so I was feeling insecure, and she made a comment that I sorta thought might mean she thought I was fat and.....

Guy- Well this sounds like a classic case of twat syndrome to me. Just shut up!

Bitch- Why do you have to be so insensitive all the time? Can't you respect me for once?

Guy- I do respect you, but you have twat syndrome and can't tell. Haven't we talked about this before?
by Fried Donut February 11, 2008
A man on man blow job.
1. I didn't realize that Rauhy and Dash were gay, until I saw Dash giving Rauhy a browjob. He even swallowed!
Paul: Hey Scott, I'll give you 10 bucks for some sucky-sucky.
Scott: I'm not feasting on your delicious sperm for less than 25.
Paul: Fine. Just gimme the brojob already.
by Fried Donut May 01, 2006
The act of sucking several men's cumshots out of an asshole with a straw. Must be performed by multiple people at the same time.
Paul and Isaac get their protein supplement from shrimping in Mark's room.
by Fried Donut November 06, 2005
A bloody waste of fucking time.
Dan: Man, my sister's on her period.
Me: What a bloody waste of time. I just wanna fuck her again already.
by Fried Donut April 02, 2006
When a girl has a "tsunami" of an orgasm after having such a bad yeast infection that her vaginal fluids actually fermented. The fluid is called Cunt Punch.
1." At first i was turned off by the stench of Scotts sister rotted crotch, but then I got drunk off her cunt punch so I didn't care anymore"
2."I knew it would smell like decaying tuna when I went down on Scott's sister, but when afterwards, I got drunk off her cunt punt, so it's all cool."
3."Man, I knew Scott's sister would queef up a storm when I fucked her, but I didn't expect cunt punch!"
by Fried Donut February 11, 2006

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