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Marist College (formerly known as St. Ann's Normal Training School and later on Marian College after a dormitory of the same name), was founded by a French Catholic religious order called the Marist Brothers of the Schools. It received its 4 year college charter in 1946 under the leadership of Brother Paul Ambrose Fontaine.

While the school likes to pompously pretend it "follows in the tradition of great institutions like Harvard University and the College of William and Mary that were founded as seminaries and developed into independent academies of higher learning" because its ownership was transferred from the Brothers to an independent board of trustees in 1969, the truth is that this move was taken by many Catholic colleges in the country to assure federal aid.

However, following its modern history of trying to distance itself from its Catholic identity in its promotional materials and administration, the school was declared "no longer Catholic" in 2003; though it still maintains a few resident "forgotten" Marist Brothers in the shadow of its Ultra right wing gay hating, Abercrombie wearing, social justice ignorant, inebriated manwhore population whose worry about the new Facebook "newsfeeds" takes precedence over the starving children in nuclear North Korea and a dwindling economy under the nation's worst but campus-favorite president (which not even a self respecting Republican supports).
"Hey Kyle, where are you going?"
"Oh I'm just going to say hi to Brother Don."
"Brother who?"

"Hey what happened to that statue of Our Lady that used to be by the chapel?"
"Oh I think they sold it on ebay to fund the flavored condom and dental dam distribution at the Health Center"

True quote:
"I've only had sex four times...and all of them were at Marist College." -Girl during the first week of college, "...but I'm not counting two of them because I don't remember them."

"I chose to live in Champagnat because it's named after the saint that founded the Brothers"
"Girl pleeze...you know you chose it because it's the 17th sluttiest dorm in the country you hoe ass bitch."

"Oh man security caught me dealing 10 kilos of crack in my dorm"
"Oh shit dude, did the police come?"
"No, they just sent me to St. Francis." see St. Francis Hospital

by Friar Tuck September 09, 2006

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