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A cat-face emoticon. The ='s are whiskers
Girl: Your cute!
Whoever: =^-^=
by Freezy June 28, 2003
nice booty, well-proportioned to body, nice waist that compliments thighs and rest of pelvic area
"Ayo, ol' girl is thick wit it son, I'm 'bout to try and skeet dem draws!"
by freezy April 21, 2005
Kraft Dinner. A cheesy noodle food made by Kraft.
Cook? Well i can make KD...
by Freezy September 05, 2003
A society that is slowly killing itself
The human race
by Freezy July 02, 2003
An idiotic attempt by some public community to make violence in video games seem more severe.

Defined as the "graphic depiction of brutal violence."

These idiots think that giving a bad-sounding name will make parents freak out and start acting out aganist video games.

I got a word for you, 'Stupographic' - the depiction of stupidity in any form of media; eg an article where frightened people make up words to scare the public into submission
Half-Life is a killographic video game.

It even sounds lame
by Freezy December 10, 2003
Shebang - A comment in shell scripting
#! bin/kse
by Freezy February 01, 2003

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