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At Some Point.
Best used in text form in place of A.S.A.P. (As Soon As Possible) when you want a person to think you're rushing to do something or be somewhere and actually it isn't really a priority.

The fact that it may be misheard/read as A.S.A.P. leads to the acronym being useful for setting up an excuse for lateness.
Hey, are you coming to my party?
Yeah, sure, I'll be there A.S.P.
OK then. (Ah, he must mean A.S.A.P.)
by FreemDeem February 15, 2010
When someone says something that you have previously said and tries to pass it off as their own. You either hear about it from whoever they said it to or you overhear them saying it. Can be extremely irritating, especially if you're the sort of person who dislikes making a scene and doesn't want to call them on it.
Tom: Did you know that (insert interesting fact here)?
Dick: Wow, really? That's so interesting...


Harry: Did you know that (insert same interesting fact here)
Tom: Yeah, did I tell you that?
Harry: No, Dick did. He's so interesting.
Tom: MOTHERFUCKER!! That's conversational plagarism right there...
by FreemDeem October 26, 2009
Confectionary given with affection.
On valentines day, Jack gave his girlfriend a box of affectionaries.
by FreemDeem November 15, 2009
The irrational rage caused by someone ordering the same dish as you while at a restaurant.
1: I'll have the sweet and sour chicken.
2: Hmm. I think I'll have the sweet and sour chicken too.
1: What?
2: I'll have the sweet and sour chicken too.
1: You can't have that.
2: Why not?
1: Because I'm having that. Pick something else.
2: I can't have the same thing as you?
1: No. No you can't. Pick something else. Now.
2: Jesus, looks like someone's got a case of double dish disorder...
(1 stabs 2 in the eye with a chopstick)
by FreemDeem November 19, 2009
an exclamation of excessive swearing usually used just to spite a "no swearing" rule or when extremely irritated.
"You can't swear in here."
"Yes I can. Shitty cunty fuck. See?"

"You were meant to pick up the kids an hour ago."
"Shitty cunty fuck!"
by FreemDeem July 24, 2009

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