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The act of making a chicken knock on the door of a hillbilly named Phillip, calling it worthless, and then making it kill its flock.
Practicing flockenockenhiliphilipacation is an act strictly reserved for chicken hypnotists.
by Freeko Zoidle February 03, 2008
that one adult or little kid idiot in a chatroom who thinks everyone on the internet is trustworthy so hes more than willing to give out shit like his address and phone number.
Jim: Toby, check this out this is priceless!
Toby: WHOA that guy is a huge qwertydunce...
Jim: We should go to where he says he lives and shit on his house or somethin.
Toby: Yeah.
by Freeko Zoidle March 05, 2008
A word you say when someone else says "awesome". Meant to sound like "ostrich".
Guy 1: I'm A for Awesome!

Guy 2: I'm A for Awestrich!
by Freeko Zoidle March 21, 2008
To break through something and smash it into long, frail pieces
Joeymartinbastard made his battering ram BRANKLE through the door of his mother's house where his friend told him he was staying as a taunt for stealing his "toy".
by Freeko Zoidle February 03, 2008
A version of flabberbabbalabbablabbydick used in places such as kindergarten classrooms and princess birthday parties, where "bum" is already a swear word.
Little kid 1: i said somethin like this: babludnifvijnsooiasshrguok jsnfigoiandgoejfniro windjafoggyplospsaphregoans jghbfiusabgvhsakjdbvoiuwnvo kfnbiroiafbsdpnfbpsdjfbns pirjbgapsdknvsdpof jbneopshyrbfaodbosdfjnb dpojbndsgkjbnsabgvsdifub vdifjbdfjbndskjfnsdiunseirubjb danskituaiauoeaueiaoiueuaiueaoieuai.

Little kid 2: Mom! My playmates being a flabberbabbalabbablabbybum!
by Freeko Zoidle February 18, 2008
a word used on msn messenger or whatever to describe boredom from having nothing to do besides that essay yur tryin to avoid doing.
person 1: whats up?

person 2: im taking a break from my essay but now i have burkanurkaflabbadabbacurdledom.

person 1: fucking moron
by Freeko Zoidle February 10, 2008
a real dumass who babbles way too much incomprehensible gibberish.
ok, i understand the groupies, but who invited the flabberbabbalabbablabbydick sound guy?!!
by Freeko Zoidle February 17, 2008

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