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1 definition by Freekb

Accessory for the raver and tool for the survivalist.

Comes in many forms, but predominantly a small 4 or 6 inch stick filled with a fluorescent fluid that gives off a small amount of light for about 6 hours.

Alternatively available in thin tube form, to wear as bracelet or necklace.

Ravers use this for the the visual effect while clubbing on MDMA (extacy) or other party drugs. The drugs cause dilated pupils altering the light perception, this makes the glow stick appear fuzzy and motion-blurred.

Overall, it's a fun toy while off your face. Very handy when raving in the woods and you can bugger all once off the dance floor.

To non-pilling dope-hating fiends (the self-proclaimed normal people), it makes you look like a hippy moron that enjoys playing with a stick. The morning after, you feel that way too.
hippy moron to complete stranger: oh man - I'm well fucked... I think I'll go dance a bit... wish I had some glowsticks... you don't have any glowsticks do you.... No? ... that's okay... gimme a hug....
by Freekb December 29, 2003
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