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1 definition by Freedom OR DIE

Record Golf is a sport with rules similar to frisbee golf, but is played with anything that plays music. Pretty much the illest sport in the world, its cornerstones are Freedom, America, William Wallace, Matt Damon, and JD's Restaurant.

Record Golf is what its like when Love falls in love.
Example 1
Person 1- "Hey wanna go Play Frisbee Golf?"
Person 2 - "No thanks, I'm American."

Example 2
Person 1- "The prisoner wishes to say a word"
Person 2- "Freeeeeeedooooommmmmmmm"

Example 3
Canadian- "Let's play hockey and experience snow"
French person - "Wi Wi, our food is awful"
Australian - "G'day mate, lets put another shrimp on the barbie"
Matt Damon- "MATT DAMON!!!!"
William Wallace- "Freeeeeedooooommmmmm"
American- "Well said William, Well said"

Example 4
Record Golf>Frisbee Golf
by Freedom OR DIE May 01, 2011