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A private "Jesuit" high school located on the North Shore of Chicago, though most students typically do not reside there. Typically for students who are not smart, wealthy, athletic, or good looking enough to attend the superior New Trier High School. Students who attend here are constantly outsmarted and kicked out of state championships every year by their more talented rivals. Students are required to wear uniforms do to their lack of style and money. The Loyola Gold Hockey Team has lost its last six straight Championship appearances. The Men's Lacrosse team has continually lost the past five years to New Trier. And last, it was recently discovered that the school's former President had an affair with a student. Wow, way to keep it classy. And, what the hell is a Rambler?
Boy: "Are you going to Loyola Academy or New Trier next year?"
Boy 2: "New Trier, but my twin brother has to go to Loyola because he failed the entry exam, has been cut from all sports since the age of five, and looks like a troll. I think he will have some luck there."
by FreeWeezie123 November 13, 2010

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