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Another Internet abbreviation. It means 'rollon on floor laughing my arse off pissing in my pants'
It's self expanatory ROFLMAOPIMP
by Freethinker September 17, 2004
A poor misguided soul who has been brainwashed by the right wing media manipulation and spin.
I'm Not A Lib should shut off Fox News and perhaps think critically for themself about news issues of the day after informing themselves through several varied unbaised news sources before making wide generalizations about topics of the day.
by FreeThinker March 30, 2005
Relating to the last paragraph of definition two, the intent of the practioner of the Magickal Arts defines so-called White (used for good)Magick from Black (used for evil) Magick. In Christianity, the church warns against danger that is connected to any practioner of Magick.
Unlike our comic book heroes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutly. If this aphorism is so, none can be trusted to use his macickal powers for good only.
Jesus is quoted in the gospels as saying, (in response to someone calling him "Good master") "Why do you call me good? There is none good but God.
The idea that the practioner of white magick can resist temptations to meddle in human lives is not safe. Yet the learned usage of herbs and roots and other folk remedies for healing is not magick but more of the art of the Shauman. But all Magick is self-applied power to make things happen, and to say that "I will only use my powers for good" is to speak from the heart of delusion.
Power over all things of a human's life, when given, or assumed by default is so dangerous as to endanger the soul.

Look at the life and death of Jim Jones. He was a pwoerful preacher of the gospel, operated a very large church in San Francisco, was lauded by the mayor for all the good things done for the community by his church members. He gained power over his flock, immense power, to assign wives and husbands, to beat children and adults for perceived infractions of his rule, to the turning over to him of entire financial estates of families, and more.

When the dust finally settled in his dusty Jonesville in the jungle of a small country in Central America, the deaths of some five hundred members (and young children as well) of his Jim Jones religion occured. Adults had taken or had forcefully given to their children lethal dosages of cyanide dissolved in koolade. All in one afternoon.

That is a good example of the terror of final power, absolute power... Jim died from a gunshot wound to his head.

Jim Jones had been seduced by his own self-assumed power over his flock into thinking he controled life and death of his followers, few of them disagreed, and his followers died by cyanide poisonming.

The practice of Witchcraft also seduces because soon the thought occurs that the spells work because of the practioner's own power.
by Freethinker February 06, 2005
n. A person who is one em away from being a moron
adj. Pertaining to the above-mention type of person.
It turns out that not all people from Utah are Mor(m)ons, fortunately.
by Freethinker July 07, 2004
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