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Secondary leader of the brutal Marxist revolution along side with Fidel Castro in Cuba, Che is also known for being a Marxist revolutionary throughout Latin America. Che is even made into a key character in the musical "Evita" about Argentinian politics and corruption. Sharing the same opinion as Castro, Che wished to spread communism throughout South America. Che justified the killings of capitalists and other innocent human beings as part of Karl Marx's "dialectic process" of progression into utopian Marxism. Ultimately, Che was a key factor in the destabilization of Latin American governments, and is one of the quintessential causes of prolonged Latin American poverty and widespread death. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro stand on the podium alongside other mass murderers and subversionists in history as evil human beings responsible for destroying the potentials of once great nations.
Che Guevara is the man that Hot Topic puts on its shirts, however little consumerist "anti-society" children don't know that Che probably would have tried to kill them if he was alive today
by FreeMarketPatriot March 07, 2006

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