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The soreness you get in your thumbs from texting too much.
I have to actually call my friends because my thumbs are too sore to text them today, I think I have textonitus.
by Free Ranger May 17, 2007
Like an instigator always has a plan, the insteadigator never wants to stick to the plan.
We were all supposed to meet at McHoulihan's Irish Pub but Jen is such an insteadigator we had to switch to Shotzi's Beer Haus.
by Free Ranger May 17, 2007
A man or woman who exaggerates their assets and lies about their age on internet dating sites. When you meet them in person they are actually much older and far more rundown.
Friend 1: How was your blind date with that guy last night?

Friend 2: It was a nightmare, he said he was 34 but he was actually 49 and I am pretty sure he was wearing a hairpiece.

Friend 1: He sounds like a dilapidater.
by Free Ranger May 17, 2007
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