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bitch with tiny cock and balls
that is small like torbs
by Fredrick December 03, 2003
probably the maddest cunt ever to roam the earth. Doesnt take no shit from nobody espeicaly fagget ass niggaz, and white pimps
fuck wheres my backup i need paks
by Fredrick December 03, 2003
A cross between Gnarly and cool, something that is really gnarly or cool or both! Made by Gutter Spawn and Fredrick.
This fire we have going out of Wade's house is so gnool!
by Fredrick August 05, 2004
a Donkey's genitals
Man look at the dalips on that guy
by Fredrick October 29, 2003
Someone who spends his spare time rooting through bushes at roadsides picking assorted berries, often used in the creation various puddings (look for a plastic bag or ice-cream tub)
ie. a Homosexual
''Ben is trying to chat up that bloke''
''Thats becuase hes a berry picking mincer''
by Fredrick October 06, 2004
Gnarl which is shortened down, somegnarl is alot better trhen gnarly.
That red train drivers hat is so gnarl!
by Fredrick August 08, 2004
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