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When following your buddy to the bar(in two separate cars)suddenly his passenger's head disappears into his lap whether bobbing or knobbing on his trouser snake. This person could be his girlfriend or possibly a random big girl, who knows...
-Where'd Sarah go? Did she get dropped off?

-Nah, she's in there...givin' ROAD HANK!
by Fredersss May 25, 2005
A generous dusting of baby powder in one's hand, complimenting the
'slow jack' session. A very smooth and great-smelling experience.
-"What'd ya do today Bruce?"

-"Ahh nothing, just watched MTV and put on a POWDER GLOVE."
by Fredersss April 28, 2005
A super dumbass communication piece. Cyborg Morons continuously roam around retail establishments in circles mumbling, sometimes yelling to someone on the other end of the line about rediculous things. The light show "rave-ear" blinks and flutters as the Cyborg demands assistane in the store. I hope your Bluetooth develops a cavity.
Lance, being a fool as he is, purchaced a Bluetooth and now is real excited to receive telephone calls about absolutely nothing. Putting you on hold for yet another call, his cyborg head suddenly explodes!
by Fredersss October 07, 2006

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