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2 definitions by Frederik 'kamael' Larsen

Celeberities use it infront of their name to be ironic in certain situations, such as when their given stupid quesions or just want to be ironic to the press
Fanboy32 : the real steven seagal
Steven Seagal : whodafuckis Steven seagal?

(after just stepping on the red carpet)
Sylvester Stallone : whodafuckis Stellone?!
by Frederik 'kamael' Larsen August 20, 2011
kamael (concrete)
A Angel with one wing that uses its life to achive 2 wings

kamael (vague)
- "from imperfection to perfection"
guy2: whats ben doing
guy1: i thinks he's tryng to educate
guy2: so he's doing a kamael?
guy1: yeh i guess
guy2: sweet

wife: you're so imperfect. Can't you just be perfect?
man: emhh no, im not a kamael
by Frederik 'kamael' Larsen August 20, 2011