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When one or more people from the same country but differant area`s within that country verbaly abuse each other.
Tribelphobia is when a person from bedfordshire, Manchester or any place outside the target area of Liverpool is giving verbal abuse ie thieving scousers, When they have no experiance of being robbed or abused by scousers.
by Frederick J Jones May 05, 2008
A person who hates another because of the place where he/she was born or has lived most of there life
People from Liverpool when out of liverpool hear snide remarks like hub cap robbers, if its been stolen a scouser has stolen it, if these people have never visited or lived in Liverpool or surrounding area`s they can only be Tribalphobic.
by Frederick J Jones May 05, 2008
When a person says imminent they mean, not sure, in the future.
bill kenwright says funds and transfers are imminent, we hav`nt seen any yet
by Frederick J Jones September 18, 2008

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