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a fucking game that will empty out ur bank account dry to the bone and will make lose all ur friend and ur girlfriend
if u ever had one(probably not if u were playing it)

effects:will make u broke, friendless,luminous intolerencious("latin" for intolerance to light because u were too long in the dark),hungry-ness(because u dont have enought cash to buy food cause WoW took it all!!1), addiction to WoW, fagness and blindness
Dudes 1:Dood, look, theres that World of warcraft geek who is broke n hungry.

Dudes 2:ya i know, he tried to mug me for money to pay for his lvl 85 ork or whatever he was talkin' about.

Dudes 3: ya he's just a f-ing ├╝bernoob

Dude 1: I second
by Frederic M.Bourdages May 31, 2007

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