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The crack of one's buttocks in which dingleberrys are formed.
Judging from his underwear he possesses a very fruitful dinglenook.
by FreddyFish1 February 24, 2005
1. Any of three males belonging to the Neaton family.

2. A composite of characteristics of an individual who preys on younger girls, particularly ones vulnerable due to low self-esteem.

3. A particularly hairy metrosexual.

4. A diabetic faggot.

5. A male carrying one or more STDs, namely AIDS due to promiscuous sexual activity.
1. Look, its the Neatons.

2. Dude, that thirty-year-old creep hitting on your thirteen-year-old sister is such a Neaton.

3. That guy in the locker room with the pink spandex and chest-fro is a real Neaton.

4. No insulin for you, you gay-ass Neaton.

5. You shouldn't have slept with the Hilton sisters, now you're a Neaton.
by FreddyFish1 February 24, 2005

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