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The biggest parties at the biggest party school are in ashby, the apartment complex about a half mile from JMU. Kegs abound from the Exxon station at the crest of the hill overlooking ashby, a sight meaning that you don't need that fake, upperclassmen feed you beer for free. The location was obviously chosen by a higher power, because the hill you have to walk up to when going to ashby you stumble down as you walk back to your dorm, encouraging chants of "FRESHMAN!!!" from equaly inebriated upperclassmen in cars. over 100 policemen are rumored to be within 1 square mile of ashby, so thank God for private property laws: stay off the road and they can't touch you.
Dude I got trashed last night, It was so crazy and everything was free.

-oh you were in ashby...
by Freddy Freshman August 28, 2006

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