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Invented by theatre kids at Irvington High School. It is supposed to represent a sound effect of a Man's penis going up. It normally used when one would normally say "That's what she said" but more like a guy saying "I just got an erection". Normally used after someone says something sexual or one sees a hot girl (Or guy) or something that makes their penis go up.
*A hot girl with cleavage showing walks buy*
Person A: "Whomp"

Person A: "These pillows are comfy like my girlfriend's boobs."
Person B: "Whomp"
by Fred and Bob Crachit December 06, 2010
Invented by Theatre kids at Irvington High School. Originally called Battle Axe, but due to mispronunciation, the word Battle-ass was invented. Now a new way of saying bad ass. Normally used for confusing those who say bad ass.
Person A: That car over there is so battle ass?
Person B: What?
by Fred and Bob Crachit February 20, 2011
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