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Novice- Someone who is unexperienced or sucks at life in a certain subject or activity.

Novice mistake- doing something that is ridiculous or not close to being reasonable.
"Damn, John should have hit-it-and quit it, that sucks he has a bitchy girlfriend now."

"Yea, he made a novice mistake by hooking up with that bitch."
by Fred Williamson April 13, 2009
a male who gives oral sex to another male.
"That guy probably is a pole polisher."

"I bet that guy sucks 100 dicks a day."
by Fred Williamson April 13, 2009
A way of describing someone that is really good in a certain subject or activity. Extra is also an adjective that can describe the quality or classification of a noun.

On the other hand, extra can describe a novice or an experienced person who is really terrible at a certain subject or activity.

"Man, did you see that home-run that Manny Ramirez drilled yesterday?"
"Standard, he is extra good at baseball."

Food or Drink:

"That Arizona tall boy of Green Tea was extra cold and refreshing after that long jog."
"Yea, I made a novice mistake by getting a soda, now I feel like shit."


"Mike is extra sloppy at whiffle ball."
"Dude he struck out every time he was at bat."
"He's worthless, I'll never pick him again for my team."

by Fred Williamson April 14, 2009
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