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A synonym for noodles, as heard on Parks & Recreation.
I love eating at that Chinese place, they have the best long ass rice you'll ever eat.

Long ass rice? What's that?

Noodles. You're kidding right? Long ass rice are noodles......are you fucking high?
by Fred Ledge September 25, 2011
Using a well-known quote or reference from politics, movies, song lyrics or other pop culture for your Facebook status.
John's Facebook status says "It's raining men!!"

He's the king of the status quote.....and obviously horny.
by Fred Ledge November 05, 2011
When the person in charge (supervisor, manager, etc...) is a total witless dick who can't do anything right. A negative effect on morale will necessarily follow during a prolonged reign of error.
Beaten Down Employee #1:

We all have to stay late tonight because Ned got the dates wrong and inventory has to be completed before morning.
Beaten Down Employee #2:
I'm so fucking tired of Ned's Reign of Error, he must be dealt with, swiftly!!!
by fred ledge September 11, 2011
Being deathly afraid of having things shoved into your asshole, for whatever reason.
Ed's at a much higher risk of colon cancer due to his colonoscophobia. Also, he's definitely not gay.
by fred ledge September 11, 2011
A synonym for gut-rot. When your innards rebel due to poor dietary choices.
Carl: Hey, Steve, wanna meet my cousin? She's hot!
Steve: Some other time, I'm suffering from internal damnation 'cuz I had lunch at Taco Bell.
by fred ledge September 11, 2011
When breasts are so large &/or fake that they seem to defy gravity.
Her space tits will never sag, yo.
by fred ledge July 07, 2011
An extremely mean and lightweight drinker.
Fuck! He's been here 10 minutes and already Jason's tried to hit on my girlfriend, punch me in the mouth, and screw my dog in the bathroom. What a one beer asshole!
by fred ledge September 11, 2011

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