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A term used by Fred Benson (b. August 16, 1969) for 7-foot Caucausian Americans who dominates the other team in basketball games. It was used when Benson was playing his tabletop sports simulation games, as a 7-foot red-headed fictional basketball player named Philip Fitzpatrick was the focal point of replays of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Milwaukee Bucks. Even though Fitzpatrick is a made-up character, Fitzpatricide means that 7-foot white guys can still ball with the rest of 'em.
There was a Fitzpatricide that took place at the Bradley Center last night as Philip Fitzpatrick murdered the Lakers last night with 30 points, 19 rebounds and 6 blocks as the Bucks beat L.A. 108-102 in overtime last night.
by Fred Benson January 24, 2009
People who are loyal to America and Ireland at the same time,people who are hard workers,tough as nails,fun-loving,church goers who I support 115%!
John Fitzgerald Kennedy,people who survived the harsh criticism from other people who weren't Irish,great people with traditional Irish names like Fitzgerald,Fitzpatrick,Fitzsimmons and O'Reilly,and people who care about the U.S. of A. and the Emerald Isle!
The Irish-American is a great American!
by Fred Benson April 10, 2007
Any player on Notre Dame sports teams who are destined for fame.
Luke Harangody is definitely a Fightin' Fitzie
by Fred Benson January 24, 2009

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