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144 definitions by Fred

An "Ultra" version of standard. Dazman. Superior, more attractive, more intelligent than "dazman", only one "dazmanultra" is known to exist in the wild.
James Bond lost his job to a dazmanultra.
by Fred October 31, 2003
a word to describe someone who comes from Crowhill in Irthlingborough Northamptonshire
"Death to all crowhillians"
by fred October 21, 2003
Similar to minger, but designed for describing geography teachers.
Mr Harrison is such a mingee.
by Fred September 25, 2003
When you get a blow job on the toilet while taking a crap
Last night when I was pinching a loaf, I got Blunkins from Jenny.
by Fred July 22, 2003
Name given to some one who can last very long.
Vowles went for hours last night.
by Fred December 04, 2004
A stick which is about 4 feet tall that pertrudes out of the ground, used to condition the knuckles. Can be held in place either by cement or rocks. The martial artist's Replacement for a punching bag
I punched my machiwara stick until my knuckles were raw and bloody.
by Fred September 22, 2003
A word often used but never defined.
Bush and Gore strawmenized each other during the debate.
by fred May 11, 2003