143 definitions by Fred

she is amaziningly buff! n has da most amazin ass!
a well gd m8 2!
check out dat girl, its ricci!
by fred March 10, 2005
Challenge, but french.
"Is that a challonge?"
by Fred August 10, 2004
When you are extremly fat and your stomach fat covers the area around your dick and it appears that you dont have one.
Ryan had to pull back his turtlebird back to take a piss
by Fred January 01, 2005
One who displays a lack of common sense
A fuckup
Joe really screwed up the assignment. He's such a shit fer brains.
by Fred January 19, 2003
a name given to someone who acts like a complete tool
Walking up to a teacher and telling them you are a tool, ultimately makes you a cockspank
by fred August 05, 2003
when you take a humongous shit and then theres no toliet paper
oh my god that shit was good.... hey wait, wheres the T.p.... god damnit..Constawanger....
by Fred April 09, 2005

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