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144 definitions by Fred

Term used to describe UK 'trailer trash'. Similar to 'pikey'. They usually have Argos jewellery (gold hoop earrings for girls, sovereign rings for both sexes), baseball caps, fake Burberry and gelled fringes. Males smoke cheap fags by holding them between two fingers and thumb, never just between two fingers like the rest of us. Don't work - too busy appearing on Trisha or being part of the 'rough couple' in Wife Swap.
She's really caahncil.
by Fred November 07, 2003
6 6
a word used to describe someone following the NeM Town religion
"yo man...i heard your a NeMinon"
by fred October 21, 2003
0 0
Reference to the grille of a car, truck, or SUV.
"platinum in my grizzeel"--From Lil' Flip's "This is the Way We Ball"
by fred May 15, 2003
2 2
Casual sexual encounter with a complete stranger of the same sex (usually male to male)
I ran into this really hot guy in whilst walking through the park last night. We had an intense fugdenrun for about ten minutes.
by Fred January 06, 2003
2 2
Amazingly hairy yeti-like being with an over agressive nature, and a childlike desire to always beat his friends. Not a good golfer
Stop being such an Avigdori!
by Fred April 07, 2005
2 3
The fuzzy,snotty type stuff you find on your eyelashes.
Dude! Get that tasht outta yo eye! You look blind!
by Fred January 19, 2005
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Ugly chick. Fat chick. Any chick that you wouldn't admit fucking.
Ooh, fuckernot alert.
by Fred December 14, 2004
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