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The act of punching a douchebag in the anus. Popularly followed by a wedgie, refered to as an atomic bung punch. Similar to a credit cardslide.
Carlos was being a douchebag so i gave him a bung punch.
by Fred November 21, 2003
The art of successfully ejaculating into your girlfriend's navel (belly button) for points.
I performed a successful umbilllicus cumination operation what do i get for that?
by fred May 05, 2003
A very, very, very gay person.
OMG that guy in the pink blouse is so gay, he surley is a cringo!
by fred February 09, 2005
group of sad gangsta wannabe's from essex. Dey tink they r dons but there jst knob jockey's
SAD Wannabe's
by Fred May 01, 2004
When all you were is fluff
when someone is wearinlots of fluff
by Fred March 12, 2004
when people flik boogies at you.
At school when they pick there nose roll it n flick it at you ewww
by fred March 12, 2004
Term used to describe UK 'trailer trash'. Similar to 'pikey'. They usually have Argos jewellery (gold hoop earrings for girls, sovereign rings for both sexes), baseball caps, fake Burberry and gelled fringes. Males smoke cheap fags by holding them between two fingers and thumb, never just between two fingers like the rest of us. Don't work - too busy appearing on Trisha or being part of the 'rough couple' in Wife Swap.
She's really caahncil.
by Fred November 07, 2003

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