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14 definitions by Fred Riahi

It's when an entertainment entity reaches a level of popularity that is popular for the underground, but not popular enough for mainstream.
(Insert Band Here) is earthcore, they should be on MTV soon.
by Fred Riahi January 20, 2006
When something is constantly underrated.
The Girl Next Door is a movie that is over underrated.
by Fred Riahi January 27, 2006
A slang word for nicotine.
I've finally given up smoking, Nicola O'Teen was such a bitch to get away from.
by Fred Riahi May 11, 2006
Meeting someone with the sole intention fucking them.
I so wanna meat Paris Hilton.
by Fred Riahi May 07, 2006
Uninformed perceptions of other states that California residents have.
I wasn't surprised that someone like Nebraska would dress like that, but maybe it's just my California ignorance shining through.
by Fred Riahi May 31, 2006
The act of ingesting DXM.
We ran out of illegal drugs so we decided dosing would be a good way to get high.
by Fred Riahi March 05, 2006
When a girl doesn't fill out her jeans in the ass portion so it looks like she took a dump back there.
She should find some jeans that fit, she's got major dumpass going on.
by Fred Riahi March 20, 2006