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One who is obessed with picking up fat chicks
Last night Clint was a real hog hunter. He picked up a couple of meatplows!

After a night of hog hunting, Clint woke up laying next to a nasty beached whale!
by Freckman January 27, 2007
Doing multiple dounuts in your vehicle
Last night Toad was whipping kittys in the Mustang while giving his girlfriend the shocker in the passenger seat.
by Freckman February 02, 2007
A term used to describe how fast you are driving when you are running well over the legal speed limit.
Mark and Todd were running Mach Nine on Highway 12 while they were wipping kittys and downing Coors light!

Mike and Bobby had to rip it up to Mach Nine to out run the County Mounty on the back way to the lake the other night to go drag racing!
by Freckman February 02, 2007
A term used to describe the act off making a excess amount of money on a car sale
The sales manager told Hector You'll be ass pealing on this deal. You better peal thier ass off the ceiling and make them like it, or You'll be leaving with them. He wrapped up the deal and had a real head ripper!
by Freckman February 02, 2007
A car sales term used to decribe a deal that put a buyer in extreme negative equity position.
Jeff Exclaimed proudly "I just had a real head ripper and will celebrate tonight with a case of Miller Lite, a porno, and a bag of cheetos, and that is after I make my Mortgage payent!"
by Freckman February 02, 2007
A person who goes to the car dealership but has no idea on how to buy a car, it turn they pay full sticker and get their head tore off
Clint went to the Chevy dealership Saturday and the Salesman Jeff ripped off his head and bragged about the big flop to the other vultures. Now Clint owes $20,000 on a $10,000 Cobalt.
by Freckman February 02, 2007

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