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Women who really enjoy the company of homosexual men. Teenage fag hags are very immature in sharp contrast to adult fag hags. These teenage girls really only use their fag as an accessory and only use stereotypically effeminate homosexual boys. If they meet a fag who is not a flaming queen (which is the majority of them), they accuse them of lying about being a fag in an attempt to get into their pants or something of that effect in the most ignorant way known to man. This is because they want a fag friend like the ones seen on TV: a girl-friend guy who enjoys shopping, fashion, make-up, talking about their feelings, and other girly stuff when in reality most homosexual and bisexual boys are just regular Joes but no one knows that becuase they are not recognized as homo/bi by appearance.
Adult fag hags are usually more mature and look for a friendship with a male without the risk of being sexually wanted by the male. The man is not neccessarily the guy-girl-friend and maybe be straight acting.
Teenage fag hags think all gay boys listen to Madonna and shop at Gucci and talk in lisps; what dumb bimbos.
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by FreakyLocz14 March 17, 2009
"The greatest, and gayest, scientific genius in the world!" as he describes himself, Doctor Ivo Gayman is the grandson of Doctor Gerald Gayman. He one of the Music the Ranger's archenemies and a villian in the a little-known video game series. Boating an IQ of 300, Dr. Gayman wishes to turn every human being on Earth into a homosexual in various schemes that almost always involve the seven Sex Emeralds in some way. All of his plans end up being foiled by Music the Ranger.
"We must stop Dr Gayman from gayifying the world!" -Kyle, Music the Ranger: The Beginning.
#eggman #dr eggman #dr robotnik #robotnik #ivo robotnik
by FreakyLocz14 February 04, 2009
An idiotic term used by uneducated young African-Americans who support President Barack Hussein Obama ONLY becuase of his race and could give a crap if his economic policies will turn the United States into the Soviet Union. The recent stimulus package has already outspent Bush's Iraq War after his first month in office driving this nation's debt into the sky and it's citizens into the ground. Or that he just realeased a buch of terrorists and plans on brining them onto American soil.

The "My President Is Black" people would support Obama even if he shot their mother just because he's the first black (and half) white President of the United States.
Latino student: Obama's economic policies will take money from hard-working people to give to lazy wellfare moms who can't keep their legs closed.

Black student: I wouldn't care if he bombed my house. My President Is Black! That's all I care about.
#obama #first #arab #muslim #black #president
by FreakyLocz14 March 20, 2009
The 43rd and one of the greatest U.S. Presidents of modern times. The liberals really should grow a pair and stop whining when your President actaually fights back after the country is attacked.
God bless you, George W. Bush.
#bush #george #walker #43 #president
by FreakyLocz14 May 02, 2009
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