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Pap Smear.

And another word for a small penis
He was poking at me with his Fanny Dabber, it was so small!
by Freakosaurus November 17, 2006
A ladies labia and a variation of the word pishflaps, only really used in Scotland but widely used and a well known Scottish word.
"Glenda's pishers were hingin'!"
by Freakosaurus January 18, 2010
When you have a really bad case of diarrhoea.

Can also be used when bad and crazy things occur.

Also commonly used as a curse/exclamation.
I wouldn't go in there for ten minutes, I committed shizzlemania!
by Freakosaurus February 03, 2010
When your girlfriend gets spunk all over her knuckles after wanking you off and threatens you in a comical manner with the "spunk knuckle duster".
Girlfriend to boyfriend after wanking him off *she brandishes fist* "I'll punch your face in with my spunk knuckle duster you minger!"
by Freakosaurus April 08, 2011
Scottish slang for a vagina

Also means something is rubbish, crap or broken
I'll kick you in the duff

That's totally duff
by Freakosaurus November 17, 2006

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