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This should be pretty much self-evident. A homosexual.
That guy looks like one of those faggotsexuals that I read about on the internet
by Freaknik April 03, 2010
The sexual art of ejaculating inside the partner's mouth, the partner transfers it back into the other's mouth and the he, in turn, tongues the semen into the partner's anus.
Jackie is the type of nasty slut who would get an Alaskan Pipeline, Alabama Hot Pocket and Australian TenderCrisp all in one go.
by Freaknik May 02, 2010
The act of killing either one's self (suicide), killing others (homocide), or killing multiple people before killing one's self. This is just a more ignorant, niggerish form of saying suicide or homocide as it includes the word "clap" in it.
Tyrone couldn't handle the pressures of being a teenage father of 3 different women. He had no choice but to commit clapicide and take his women with him.
by Freaknik June 08, 2010
To have sex with the same gender for the first time.
Jamal was in prison for 3 weeks and was forced to give up the ghost in the shower stalls.
by Freaknik April 03, 2010

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