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Somebody who uses their USB Flash drive in multiple computers.
Wow you are using a that drive in another computer? What a USB Whore! That's how viruses are spread, ya' know!
by FreaknJew January 13, 2010
Ghetto to the max. (When you say to black people, it is a compliment. When to the whiteys, it is a dis.
To a white person: Boy you is so Salafrapalogus. :(

To a black person: Negro you is Salafrapalogus. :D
by FreaknJew January 22, 2009
Fear of women (or men) with large breasts.
You should hook up with this girl I know. She has DD's.

It wouldn't work out: I'm claustroboobic.
by FreaknJew February 04, 2009
A much more awesome way to say lol
Olo!!! That is freakin' hilarious.
by FreaknJew March 16, 2009
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