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a term used to define a voluptuous, often times huge, black woman, that will dominate the kitchen, as well as the bed. Mama bobo's are known for their notoriously ghetto attitude and boistrous personalities. The speak in ebonics.
1. Boy, I don lik you!
Wutev, you're just a mama bobo

2. man i wanna tap dat big ass
dude, she's a mama bobo, I mean, you might as well fuck a whale.
by Freakishly tall couple January 19, 2008
When performing intercourse the man sticks his dingaling up the nasal cavity of a woman right when he is about to ejaculate.

Owwww, I can't breath. OW ow ow ow, I can't breath. It burrnnnss.

It's not called a San Antonio Stuffy nose because you are supposed to enjoy it.
by Freakishly tall couple January 19, 2008
A wrinkly, old, barren, often damp vagina. Used as a term of endearment for old friends.
1. You my friend, are a pruned vagina.
2. Did you feel Jessica's pussy last night, dood?
Yea, but it was a pruned vagina, i mean, you just can't brown bag that shit, so i decided to just cuddle. I still got some head, though.
by Freakishly tall couple January 19, 2008

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