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Acronym for Boyfriend Freak Out Syndrome.

When you like someone, get to know them then freakout, run away (or hide yourself in the toilet), and/or do something stupid to sabotage your chances with a guy you like. Usually at a point when it is most important in getting a date, etc.
Friend: Why did you run into the toilet just as that guy was going to talk to you?

You: I dont know I guess BFOS got ahold of me.
by Freak out girl October 12, 2009
Acronym for Getting To Know Him Syndrome (used by girls).

When you freakout when meeting someone and/or destroy your chances of getting to know him.
The other day I met the cutest guy at (add name of place here) but i totally got GTKHS and ruined my chances.
by Freak out girl October 12, 2009

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