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the ultimate one
the fernando is the best 69
by fred December 18, 2003
A sexy beast. See also pimp.
The women lined up to do Hoang.
by Fred June 03, 2003
Oh dear the object in front of me appears not to be working
when your cental heating breaks down.....
fuck! the fucking fuckers fucking fucked fuck!
7 in a row gramatically correct
by fred November 19, 2003
Worst section of Miami, Florida. Located north of Downtown Miami, predominantly a black neighborhoood (95%-black, 5%- hispanic. First black neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Infested with crime, drugs, bums, and prostitutes. For People who live in Overtown, it is home. We are called TOWNERS 4 LIFE.
Overtown is bounded by 20 st. and 3st NW. It has 6 sections- 4 cents, town park, rainbow projects, swamps projects, highland park, 18 st., 19 st.
by fred September 27, 2004
state of being pregnant
I'd like to fuck that girl with a bun in the oven.
by Fred October 11, 2003
A person with a compulsive desire to steal things.

Many Kleptos steal things from work.
Not many people knew it, but Adam was a Klepto. He bragged about stealing laptops, hard drives, memory, tape drives, blank CDs, tapes, keyboards, mice, you name it.

– Anything he could fit into his oversized Microsoft bag would end up in his basement…

See also: PTOboy tourettes
by Fred March 30, 2004
ignorant moron
"W" is an igmo.
by Fred October 16, 2003
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