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refers to the system used on popular game pro evo to measure a players form, but translated into real life as to how someone is playing football, how there pulling or how there generally feeling
"champ i cant believe you just pulled rachel dove" "yeh i was playing an upwards red just then"
(- well he'd have to be)
by Frazer Newport April 24, 2007
when someone makes a bad mistake it is refered to them as playing a bad game of payday, this term comes from the board game 'payday'the term 'good game of payday' can also be used for something good, but people rarely play a good game of payday.
Ryan: "dude, I got with that slag again last night"
Frazer: "lets face it, you played a bad game of payday there"

Sam: "we actually booked our 5 star holiday to tunisia"
Frazer: "yes we have just played the much sought after good game of payday"

Frazer: "what a boring evening"
Sam: "yes we played a bad game of payday"
by Frazer Newport October 02, 2006
we're not making pancakes here refers to when an audacious operation has gone awry, comes from the time frazer ryan and sam actually made pancakes in frazers kitchen. nay sayers would say 'we're not pancakes here' but we infact did

pancakes is also the name of the pesky polar bear on sams boxers see theres a polar bear on my boxers
"we're not making pancakes here" quite literally means we were not making pancakes, or that we are

Ryan: "it's 3am lets go sleep in my car" *as we drag our duvets etc out to the car*
Sam: "look, we're not making pancakes here"
by Frazer Newport April 24, 2007

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