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1) White House Potential is when you do something really good like having sex with a bunch of ladies or scoring lots of A+'s.

If you have White House Potential you are highly respected and you have a lot of power.. it means that you have the potential to become USA's president

2) Warm Hole Provider.

A woman who you really don't care about at all, besides the fact that she provides you with a warm hole every once in a while.
1) Nikola that just scored 5 A's and took 5 strikeout's in a row: "Oh god i rock"
Random: "yea you have a lot of White House Potential

2)So there's this chick I'm nailing, hopefully she doesn't want a relationship, because I would love to keep her as my WHP.
by Fray // The Frog // Frøsig June 17, 2009

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