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Another term for the mentally or physically handicapped. The preferred GAB euphemism for a window licking 'tard. Each 'tard is different, unique and special in his or her own way.
"Phil's brother Joey shit himself constantly, would throw meat at Phil during dinner, and once sang "Oh Mickey" for 400 days straight; despite all this, Phil still loved the crap out of that gentle snowflake." -Phuc
by Fratberry September 21, 2006
A tree-hugging female hippie who doesn't shave and always looks like she's maybe been rolling around in the dirt.
Wow, that Alanis. What an earth biscuit.
by fratberry June 05, 2007
From a profile on the popular ZUG comedy website dating back to 2003:

I work at a college in tech support. Back in 1999 myself and a coworker were making fun of all of the Fruitopia flavors, since that drink was big on campus and Fruitopia machines were everywhere.

He came up with ridiculous names like Apricot Racial Tension.

I came up with one that I thought would be perfect for a college campus: Fratberry. Most people don't get it. Well, we thought it was absolutely brilliant, even making a logo with cherries all around the name.

Basically the name stuck with me because its unique. It doesn't really make any sense and, as a result, I go by JohnnyCache on other boards. The Fratberry name seemed more appropriate here because I knew folks would get the joke. Although I forgot about the whole "I thought you were a chick" thing.

Anyway, its way better than "Raspberry Turd Swirly".

I think.
1: And THAT, gentlemen, is why Fratberry is funnier than you.

2: The one, true, original Fratberry

Not to be confused with Fat Jerry.
by Fratberry February 15, 2011
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