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A great psychiatrist of the post WW2 era. Frantz Fanon was perhaps the most influential decolonialist philosopher of the 20th century. A highly trained psychiatrist, Fanon was also a revolutionary soldier fighting the Nazis in WW2. He doubled his efforts towards the Algerian revolutionaries fighting French barbarity in the post war period.

Fanon however will always be best known for his papers on existential deconstructionism, essentialized notions of racism and his perspectives of a black man in the west.
Frantz Fanon was a renowned philosopher, soldier and revolutionary. Despite dying at the tender age of 36, Fanon has left enough decolonialist articles to last a critically thinking student a lifetime to ponder.
by franz fanon January 13, 2008
A term meant to describe Americans of African origin. The term 'Black' and its predecessor 'Negro' have fallen out of favor due to a plethora of reasons, most particularly the terms 'Black' and 'Negro' do not define a specific place since Asians could be defined as Black, see Vijay Singh, moreover the term Negro which fell out of favor decades ago because it failed to properly represent a place African Americans could relate to. The term 'African American' has fallen into the acceptable realm of a proper definition because it defines a place, it defines a region where Africans are one.
Which begs the question, why would Americans of African ethnicity WANT to assocciate themselves with a place other than America? Simply put, slavery, Jim Crow and continued disenfranchizement of African Americans has led them to create a moniker as a defence mechanism, a way to associate with others of their kind in collective objection to American 'White' culture as a whole.

The numerous entries on this thread detailing the ineffectual and unneccessary use of the term African American clearly shows the lack of understanding whites have about people of African ethnicity. Perhaps people should get to know an African American, get to know them before passing judgements and making childish and inane comments about how people choose to refer to themselves.
I am a proud African American. Irrespective of the fact that I have no relatives in Africa, the people in that region of the world are closer to me than any American of euro-trash ancestry ever will be.
by Franz Fanon May 10, 2005
An outdated tool meant to uplift the lower dredges of the urban and working class people of the USA, i.e minorities. Particularly of the African American persuasion. Affirmative Action was fomented out of the need to reemburse African Americans for 400 years of slavery, and another 200 years of apartheid policies by politikos and whites in general in America. Affirmative Action was an avant garde way of saying "sorry for killing 50 million of you and enslaving the rest, here I shower my kindness upon you by letting you work at this factory for miminum wage".
Affirmative Action was created as a medium for helping urban class African Americans but has come to be used more frequently by members of other minority groups, particularly Indians and Latinos. A shocking and often underestimated effect of Affirmative Action is the fact that white women benefit from it far more than African Americans and minorities in general.

Detractors of Affirmative Action routinely sidestep the issue of white women being the beneficiaries of it while blaming African Americans for all of society's ills. See Euro trash.
Affirmative Action is decrepit, outdated and void of anything remotely progressive. If the government and Americans in general were truly interested in formulating proper ways of managing the African American solution, and reembursement for years of apartheid policies, then they would fund schools in African American areas and supply them with capable teachers and staff, nothing special - just fund them the same way you fund suburban schools. That would be a great start and would guarantee immediate change.
white guy: "those bloodsucking hiphop listening bling blinging blingers are stealing all our labour and manufacturing jobs"

non white guy: "uhm .. buddy, the bimbo outside the boss' office with the miniskirt and the grade eight education is the only here benefitting from Affirmative Action"
by franz fanon May 20, 2005
Arguably the most incompetent intelligence organizations on the planet. The Mossad have botched up and ruined simple assassination attempts against several Arab targets. Mossad agents have in recent times been caught by Jordanian, Canadian, American and New Zealand authorities. They are spectacularly innefficient and sub-par as a spy agency.
The Mossad have a long history of infiltrating Palestinian armed groups and believe that their success rate against an occupied nation without a standing army and military infastructure classify them as leading intelligence organization. They clearly are deluded beyond reason.
The Mossad however is highly touted as a world leader in espionage, particularly because the Israeli media has an outstanding propaganda network that runs in the western world. Foreign media outlets owned by Jewish expats see Rupert Murdoch et Conrad Black have worked hard to ensure that Israeli government organizations are highly thought of in America.
The Mossad have the world's worst mission rate. Outside of Occupied Palestine, their rate of success against targets is 2/10. The same rate as the Bulgarian KGB.
by franz fanon May 15, 2005
The Land of the Free
The Home of the Brave

.. or so they say. India has its share of cheerleaders and apologists the world over, all praising this nation as the next superpower and savior of the next millenium. All this flies in the face of intelligent thought. India is a backward state that is void of anything remotely democratic. India has a caste system thats widely practiced, from the political sphere, to economic and social life. Rendering any notion of a India being a democratic state irrelevant and farcical. India moreover has the world's largest illiterate population. For all the outsourcing and jobs that end up in India, the vast majority are labor occupations that a handicapped chimpanzee could do, this outsourcing is falsely portrayed by Indians and their supporters as evidence of India's growing literate and capable populace.
In reference to Pakistan, India has an army ten times the size of its opponent, its annual defence expenditure dwarfs that of Pakistan, its European and American support would in any other universe ensure that India could at any moment walk all over Pakistan and teach its people a lesson in Hindi chutzpah. This however, isnt the case. India for all its might is unable to punish the Pakistanis militarily. It is unable to secure a little province known as Kashmir from the Pakistanis who routinely send in guerillas to devastate the Indian military.

India for all its claim to significance is as irrelevant as Fiji. India's claim to historical relevance was fashioned first by the Arabs, then the European invaders. India is entitled to bask in its morally void caste system as long as they continue to persecute and burn Muslims, anything to satisfy their Republican - see Nazi donors in America and Europe.
India will someday be the worlds largest democracy, but not as long as the caste system exists among its people.
Vive le Untouchables!
by Franz Fanon May 19, 2005

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